1 minute spotlights

Spotlight presentations at CVSS are brief summaries of the context and main results of your current work/paper with perhaps a mention of the novelty of the approach taken. Spotlights should enable people to judge if they wish to visit your poster and/or to read your paper. Thus, they should be simple, visual, and accessible to “non” experts; speakers should not aim to communicate detailed technical aspects of the work/paper. The slides should be prepared in a large font (at least 16pt), and ideally with some appealing visual elements. Each speaker is limited to 2 slides. The first slide should include the speaker’s name and the title.

Each Spotlight is allotted 1 minute of time.

The slides must be submitted by June 28 to cvss2019@sfb1233.uni-tuebingen.de and cannot be changed after that date.

The Spotlight presentations are scheduled on July 1st at 8 pm.

  1. Aston, Stacey
  2. Bhattacharyya, Apratim
  3. Bi, Wenyan
  4. Broomé, Sofia
  5. Charlton, Julie
  6. Coop, Shanna
  7. Cueva, Christopher
  8. Dutell, Vasha
  9. Galesso, Silvio
  10. Geirhos, Robert
  11. Hedjar, Laysa
  12. Illing, Bernd
  13. Kadkhodaie, Zahra
  14. Kang, Yul
  15. Keshvari, Shaiyan
  16. Lang, Bernhard
  17. Latimer, Kenneth
  18. Lause, Jan
  19. Liao, Yiyi
  20. Lin, Yen-Chu
  21. Liu, Weiyang
  22. Ma, Qianli
  23. Ma, Wei-Chiu
  24. Meng, Ming
  25. Paschalidou, Despoina
  26. Paulun, Vivian
  27. Peng, Songyou
  28. Poggi, Matteo
  29. Ranjan, Anurag
  30. Roberts, Paul
  31. Schaub-Meyer, Simone
  32. Semizer, Yelda
  33. Shelhamer, Evan
  34. Shivkumar, Sabyasachi
  35. Usenko, Vladyslav
  36. Wan, Chengde
  37. Wang, Shenlong
  38. Willeke, Konstantin
  39. Wolf, Steffen
  40. Zaw Lin, Kyaw