Poster Sessions/Guidelines

Poster size: A0 portrait (84,1cm width x 118,9cm height).

Pins for mounting posters will be provided. Posters can be hanged up in the morning on the day of the poster session. Please make sure to get the posters off after your session.

Poster sessions are scheduled for:

  • Thursday, July 30th at 8 pm.
  1. Alvarez, Ivan (Chiasmal misrouting and visual space representations: Modelling population receptive fields in human albinism)
  2. Bernard, Florian (A Solution for Multi-Alignment by Transformation Synchronisation)
  3. Bozkurt Yagmur (Comparison of Automatic Tortuosity Measurement Algorithms)
  4. Choi, Hannah (Shape discrimination under partial occlusion: a dynamical model of V4-prefrontal cortex network)
  5. Clarke, Alasdair (Object based salience, language generation and visual search)
  6. Dalal, Nisha (Spatio-temporal uncertainty and cortical-hippocampal interactions: fMRI study)
  7. Ecke, Gerrit (Snapshot-based Homing of an Aerial Robot based on Feature Homography)
  8. Gatys, Leon (Texture Synthesis with Convolutional Neural Networks)
  9. Güney, Fatma (Resolving Stereo Ambiguities using Object Knowledge)
  10. Gupta, Ankush (New ConvNet Models for Text Spotting)
  11. Han, Biao (Implementing predictive coding with phase response curve and non-selective excitatory feedback)
  12. Jeagle, Andrew (Filter characteristics of a deep neural network for shape localization)
  13. Jozwik, Kamila Maria (Categories or features? – Explaining object similarity in perception and brain representations  using nonnegative least squares)
  14. Kalogeropoulou, Zampeta (How attention to motion direction shapes visual sensitivity across time)
  15. Kasneci, Enkelejda (Automated Comparison of Visual Scanpaths)
  • Monday, August 3rd at 8 pm.
  1. Kartheek, Medathati (Adaptive Motion Pooling and Di usion for Optical Flow)
  2. Kortylewski, Adam (A Stochastic Grammar for Shoeprint Recognition)
  3. Kumar, Satwant (Neural encoding of shapes in the middle superior temporal sulcus (mid-STS) body patch neurons)
  4. Lassner, Christoph (Learning the permutohedral lattice)
  5. Liu, Jian (Encoding of Natural Images by Retinal Ganglion Cells)
  6. Nestmeyer, Thomas (Learning Intrinsic Image parameters with the help of a Proxy Task)
  7. Ochs, Matthias (Making Phase Correlation Robust – with Applications to Multiple Motion Detection and Estimation)
  8. Omran, Mohamed (Looking at People: What Have We Learned? What’s Next?)
  9. Paiton, Dylan (Causal Neural Networks for Learning Sparse Representations of Video)
  10. Rajaei, Karim (Feedforward object-vision models only tolerate small image variations compared to human)
  11. Rezapour Lakani, Safoura (3D Compositional Parts Segmentation through Grasping)
  12. Rogelj, Nina (Goniospectrophotometric space curve of optically complex samples and it’s usability to detect counterfeits in security printing)
  13. Schütt Heiko (Likelihood based evaluations for a dynamic eye movement model)
  14. Stabinger Sebastian (Learning Abstract Classes using Deep Learning?)
  15. Wulff, Jonas (Efficient sparse-to-dense optical flow estimation using a learned basis and layers)