General Information


Participants will be accommodated in a double or single room. All guest rooms are non-smoking rooms with solid comfort, equipped with bathrooms and WC. Hairdryer, towels and care products are present. Check-in is possible during the whole day on Monday, July 27th. Please leave your rooms until 11:00 on Wednesday, August 5th.


Monday, July 27th at the reception. Please take your name tag and wear it through the whole CVSS.


There is WLAN in the whole building. You will get the code when you check in.


There is a car park directly next to the venue. Follow the signs.


From 7:00-9:00 in the restaurant, ground floor.


During the Plenary Sessions in the morning, the dish for the following day must be chosen (mark with a cross).

From 12:30-14:00 in the restaurant, ground floor.


During the Plenary Sessions in the morning, the dish for the following day must be chosen (mark with a cross).

On Monday, July 27 there will be a welcome buffet for you from 18:30-21:30.

On Wednesday, July 29th dinner will take place at the Alpine Hut “Berghütte” at 19:00 followed by a welcome party (ends not later than 01:00). We will meet at the main entrance at 18:00 and walk together to the Alpine Hut (approx. 15 min. walk). Please bring a pocket lamp for the way back. There will be no light.

From July, 30th until August 3rd dinner will be served at 18:30 in the restaurant, ground floor.

On Tuesday, August 4th we will have a BBQ in the restaurant, ground floor or on the terrace.


During breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and dinner, coffee/tea, water, apple/orange juice is for free.

Drinks (soft and alcoholic) are available from 20:00 in the “Fireplace Room” (ground floor) with self-service. You have to pay for the drinks yourselves, keep small change ready.

3 Minutes-Spotlights, Plenary Sessions, Poster Sessions, Journal Club:

3 Minutes-Spotlights and Plenary Sessions are held in the “Panorama Saal”, ground floor.

Poster Sessions are held in the “Lobby/Waggon”  (ground floor; between the restaurant and the “Fireplace Room”.

The Journal Club is held at the “Lehrsaal” (downstairs of the Lobby).

Special Event:

Canoeing (Fee: 20 Euro)/Hiking day trip with BBQ (Fee: 5 Euro) afterwards on August 1st. Meeting point at the main entrance (9:15). Departure by bus at 9:30. Remember to bring swim suits, clothes to change, and a towel. Shoes can get wet (maybe rainproof clothes). Canoe trip will last approx. 2 hours.

Please pay the fee at the CVSS office until July 31th.

For those, who don`t want to canoe, you can hike along the river. We will meet again at 13:30 for the BBQ.

Please tell us until July 17th, if you will attend the canoeing or hiking trip and if you are a vegetarian on:

Leisure Time Activities:

Please ask for walking tours (maps) to Freudenstadt or other tours at the reception.

CVSS Office:

Ground floor, reception hall. Open during the coffee breaks in the morning. Dr. Stefanie Wanner (mobil: 0172 5478693).

Confirmation of Participation:

You can get a confirmation about your participation at the CVSS office on August 4th during the coffee break in the morning.