Poster session / Guidelines

Maximum Poster size: 100 cm width x 140 cm height

Please hand-in your posters for Poster Session I (Tuesday) at the reception of the venue on Sunday evening and for Poster Session II (Friday) on Wednesday. Posters can be hanged up in the morning on the day of the poster session.

Poster sessions are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, July 2nd at 4 pm.
  1. Bhattacharyya, Apratim (Long-term Scene Anticipation under Uncertainty and Multi-modality.)
  2. Bi, Wenyan (Understanding Information Processing Mechanisms for Estimating Material Properties of Cloth in Deep Neural Networks)
  3. Charlton, Julie (Prior information guides perceptual decision making in a remarkably flexible manner)
  4. Dutell, Vasha (Spatiotemporal Statistics of the Natural Human Retinal Signal)
  5. Galesso, Silvio (Uncertainty Estimates and Multi-Hypotheses Networks for Optical Flow)
  6. Hedjar, Laysa (Thin luminance gaps can eliminate contrast-mediated perceptual asynchronies.)
  7. Kadkhodaie, Zahra (Robust and interpretable blind image denoising via bias-free convolutional neural networks)
  8. Liao, Yiyi (Connecting the dots: Learning representations for active monocular depth estimation)
  9. Lin, Yen-Chu (Modeling the trial-by-trial influence of fixational eye movements on visual discrimination.)
  10. Liu, Weiyang (Deep Visual Learning on Hypersphere)
  11. Meng, Ming (Lateralization of behavioral oscillations in conscious and unconscious face processing)
  12. Paschalidou, Despoina (Superquadrics Revisited: Learning 3D Shape Parsing beyond Cuboids)
  13. Peng, Songyou (Photometric Depth Super-Resolution)
  14. Schaub-Meyer, Simone (PhaseNet for Video Frame Interpolation)
  15. Semizer, Yelda (Visual Clutter and Seeing in the Periphery)
  16. Shivkumar, Sabyasachi (A causal inference model for the perception of complex motion in the presence of self-motion)
  17. Usenko, Vladyslav (Visual-Inertial Mapping with Non-Linear Factor Recovery)
  18. Wan, Chengde (Data efficient 3D hand pose estimation)
  19. Willeke, Konstantin (Memory-guided Microsaccades)
  20. Wolf, Steffen (Joint Semantic Instance Segmentation on Graphs with the Semantic Mutex Watershed)
  • Friday, July 5th at 4 pm.
  1. Aston, Stacey (Learning and combining novel perceptual cues)
  2. Broomé, Sofia (Dynamics are Important for the Recognition of Equine Pain in Video)
  3. Coop, Shanna (Neural Mechanisms of Pre-saccadic Attention in Marmosets)
  4. Cueva, Christopher (Visual perception as retrospective Bayesian decoding from high- to low-level features)
  5. Geirhos, Robert (Inducing a human-like shape bias leads to emergent human-level distortion robustness in CNNs)
  6. Illing, Bernd (Biologically plausible deep learning – how far can we go with unsupervised learning?)
  7. Kang, Yul (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping In People)
  8. Keshvari, Shaiyan (Representation of non-local shape information in deep neural networks)
  9. Lang, Bernhard (Using computer graphics to investigate lightness perception)
  10. Latimer, Kenneth (Forging a link between statistical and biophysical models of neural encoding in the retina)
  11. Lause, Jan (A framework for studying regional specialization in the mouse retina using automatic cell density estimation)
  12. Ma, Qianli (Learning to Dress People)
  13. Ma, Wei-Chiu (Deep rigid instance scene flow)
  14. Paulun, Vivian (Visual perception of elasticity in bouncing objects)
  15. Poggi, Matteo (Guided deep learning: driving deep networks from the outside. An example with stereo matching)
  16. Ranjan, Anurag (Competitive Collaboration: Joint Unsupervised Learning of Depth, Camera Motion, Optical Flow and Motion Segmentation)
  17. Roberts, Paul (Using multielectrode arrays to investigate the functional connectivity of the zebrafish retina)
  18. Shelhamer, Evan (Blurring the Line between Structure and Learning to Optimize and Adapt Receptive Fields)
  19. Wang, Shenlong (Continuous Convolutional Neural Network)
  20. Zaw Lin, Kyaw (Learning a Disentangled Embedding for Monocular 3D Shape Retrieval and Pose Estimation)