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  1. Tony Movshon (The Elements of Early Vision)
  2. Brian Wandell (Measurements of human visual cortex using several magnetic resonance imaging methods)
  3. Felix Wichmann (Spatial vision and beyond)
  4. Josh Tenenbaum (to be announced)
  5. Jim DiCarlo (Neural mechanisms underlying visual object recognition)
  6. Andrew Zisserman (Deep learning – architectures and applications)
  7. Thomas Euler (Vision begins in the retina)
  8. Garrett Stanley (Decoding vision: lessons from the early visual pathway)
  9. Michael Black (On building a digital human)
  10. Cordelia Schmid (Action recognition and optical flow)
  11. Hendrik Lensch (to be announced)
  12. Raquel Urtasun (Learning deep structure models)
  13. Andrew Fitzgibbon (Learning about shape)
  14. Roland Fleming (Perception of 3D shape from 2D images)
  15. Thomas Brox (Will deep learning solve computer vision?)
  16. Aude Oliva (Computational scene understanding)
  17. Matthias Bethge (Unsupervised representation learning with generative image models)
  18. Rob Fergus (Deep learning for computer vision)                                               
  19. Bruno Olshausen (Factorization of form and motion from time-varying naturalimages)
  20. Eero Simoncelli (Coding efficiency, neural populations, and perception)
  21. Larry Maloney (Decision-theoretic models of action and their representations: the knowledge problem)