Publications by P. Rubisch


S. Haghiri, P. Rubisch, R. Geirhos, F. Wichmann, and U. von Luxburg
Comparison-Based Framework for Psychophysics: Lab versus Crowdsourcing
arXiv, 2019
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Conference Papers

R. Geirhos, P. Rubisch, C. Michaelis, M. Bethge, F. A. Wichmann, and W. Brendel
ImageNet-trained CNNs are biased towards texture; increasing shape bias improves accuracy and robustness
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2019
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R. Geirhos, P. Rubisch, J. Rauber, C. R. M. Temme, C. Michaelis, W. Brendel, M. Bethge, and F. A. Wichmann
Inducing a human-like shape bias leads to emergent human-level distortion robustness in CNNs
Journal of Vision, 19(10), 2019
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