Publications with the keyword "v1"

M. F. Burg, S. A. Cadena, G. H. Denfield, E. Y. Walker, A. S. Tolias, M. Bethge, and A. S. Ecker
Learning divisive normalization in primary visual cortex
PLOS Computational Biology, 17(6), 1-31, 2021
#system identification, #v1, #convolutional neural networks, #divisive normalization
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A. S. Ecker, F. H. Sinz, E. Froudarakis, P. G. Fahey, S. A. Cadena, E. Y. Walker, E. Cobos, J. Reimer, et al.
A rotation-equivariant convolutional neural network model of primary visual cortex
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2019
#v1, #system identification, #microns, #convolutional neural network, #rotation equivariance
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F. H. Sinz, A. S. Ecker, P. G. Fahey, E. Y. Walker, E. Cobos, E. Froudarakis, D. Yatsenko, X. Pitkow, et al.
Stimulus domain transfer in recurrent models for large scale cortical population prediction on video
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32, 2018
#v1, #system identification, #microns, #deep neural network, #recurrent neural network, #domain transfer
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M. Subramaniyan, A. S. Ecker, S. S. Patel, R. J. Cotton, M. Bethge, X. Pitkow, P. Berens, and A. S. Tolias
Faster processing of moving compared with flashed bars in awake macaque V1 provides a neural correlate of the flash lag illusion
Journal of Neurophysiology, 120(5), 2430-2452, 2018
#v1, #electrophysiology, #flash-lag effect, #monkey, #illusion
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E. Froudarakis, P. Berens, A. S. Ecker, R. J. Cotton, F. H. Sinz, D. Yatsenko, P. Saggau, M. Bethge, et al.
Population code in mouse V1 facilitates read-out of natural scenes through increased sparseness
Nature Neuroscience, 17, 851-857, 2014
#sparsity, #natural image statistics, #population coding, #v1, #two-photon imaging
P. Berens, A. S. Ecker, R. J. Cotton, W. J. Ma, M. Bethge, and A. S. Tolias
A fast and simple population code for orientation in primate V1
Journal of Neuroscience, 32(31), 10618-10626, 2012
#population coding, #orientation, #v1, #macaque, #logistic regression, #multi-tetrode recordings, #noise correlations
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A. S. Ecker, P. Berens, G. A. Keliris, M. Bethge, N. K. Logothetis, and A. S. Tolias
Decorrelated Neuronal Firing in Cortical Microcircuits
Science, 327(5965), 584-587, 2010
#noise correlations, #multi-tetrode recordings, #v1, #macaque
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