Talks CVSS 2015

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Day 1: July 28th

  1. Tony Movshon: The elements of early vision
  2. Brian Wandell: Measurements of human visual cortex using several magnetic resonance imaging methods
  3. Felix Wichmann: Spatial vision and beyond

Day 2: July 29th

  1. Josh Tenenbaum (to be announced)
  2. Jim DiCarlo (Neural mechanisms underlying visual object recognition)
  3. Andrew Zisserman: Deep learning – architectures and applications

Day 3: July 30th

  1. Thomas Euler (Vision begins in the retina)
  2. Garrett Stanley: Decoding vision: lessons from the early visual pathway
  3. Michael Black: On building a digital human 1 2 3 4

Day 4: July 31th

  1. Cordelia Schmid: Action recognition and optical flow
  2. Hendrik Lensch: Appearance and 3D reconstruction
  3. Raquel Urtasun: Learning deep structure models

Day 5: August 1st, Day Trip

Day 6: August 2nd

  1. Andrew Fitzgibbon: Learning about shape
  2. Roland Fleming: Perception of 3D shape from 2D images
  3. Thomas Brox: Will deep learning solve computer vision?

Day 7: August 3rd

  1. Aude Oliva: Computational scene understanding
  2. Matthias Bethge: Unsupervised representation learning with generative image models
  3. Rob Fergus (Deep learning for computer vision)           

Day 8: August 4th                                    

  1. Bruno Olshausen: Factorization of form and motion from time-varying naturalimages
  2. Eero Simoncelli: Probing sensory representations with metameric stimuli
  3. Larry Maloney: Biological Action: Representing and measuring uncertainty